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Learn the basics to create new pathways for presence in your brain.

This workshop is either 1 hour stand-alone or the first in the sequence. 



Learn,  practice & grow at a deeper to create more permanent pathways in your brain.

This workshop is either 3 hour stand-alone or the second in the sequence.





Spend 6 hours (over the span of months) building your pathways to permanence while also learning how to share with others (great for "people work" professionals.) 

This workshop includes all the content from Fire & Wire and Practice Permanence.



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Spend 12 hours (over the span of months) for the deepest learning offered. Extensive strategies (taught and practiced) to create mindful pathways for yourself and how to support others.

This workshop includes all the content from Fire & Wire,  Practice Permanence, and Deepen & Share.


virtual workshop offerings

Hanna runs her workshops virtually in order to reach more teachers with accessibility and flexibility. The online workshop model has not only shown to provide more than enough connect & support but also creates a safe space for participants to practice where they are comfortable. Workshops are available in person, based on a schools' request, needs & budget. 


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about hanna

Pathways for Presence mindfulness workshops are designed to help build healthy neuropathways to bring people back to their most present state. Think breathwork, meditation, perspective play, and body awareness practices. It's mental health support for educators through mindful presence.  Workshops can be held in-person or virtually. I am happy to travel to your school or school district to deliver the training. 

With more hours together, you can expect to dive deeper into various practices, unpack trauma and trauma-informed mindfulness, and start to make big connections with your mindfulness practice being the ultimate form of self-care.


This work always has been and always will be important. We are so grateful to be able to connect with and support you!

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what others are saying

Faded Shapes

"Hanna was knowledgeable and the information was extremely useful! I learned a lot that I will apply to my classroom and also to my everyday life. I think every teacher (and parent) should take this course! I highly recommend it."


Workshop Participant

Faded Shapes

"This was hands down the best training I have ever been to as a teacher. Ever since that workshop, I have been reading up on mindfulness and incorporating these strategies into my classroom daily.


I think that, like most teachers, I am always worried about content, classroom management, and instructional activities while neglecting my mental health and well-being. Mindfulness helps keep a positive environment in the classroom and helps strengthen our relationships with students."


— Workshop Participant

Faded Shapes

"Hanna was extremely knowledgeable and informative on mindfulness. It was refreshing to focus on ourselves as individuals/teachers for once! I loved this session, and it was definitely worth my time... it was of the highest quality and relevancy."


- Workshop Participant