Workshops can vary based on your interest, needs and priorities as a client. 
Hanna offers individual workshops which can last 1-3 hours or a workshop series where she comes to work with your group over an extended period of time. Brains need time to integrate new learning so a series is usually recommended! 
Because of Hanna's background & expertise as an educator, workshops for teachers are full of stories from her time in the classroom, connections to current education research and easily applicable mindfulness tools for teachers. 
Hanna has also customized her workshops to be a powerful experience for anyone in any field. She carefully researches, plans and personalizes each workshop based on her client. 

previous clients 

mindfulness eye.JPG
Charleston County School District 
  • district wide PD days
  • district main office
  • instructional coaches
Military Magnet 
Ladson Elementary
North Charleston Elementary 
Early Childhood Development Center
College of Charleston 
Eye Center of Charleston (staff)
Bowman Insurance Firm
liollio Architecture Firm

workshop outline 

  • Intro to major concepts: 

    • How the brain works/ how energy works in the body/ how the two are connected

    • Define mindfulness 

    • Briefly outline current research in the field about how mindfulness positively impacts the brain

  • Discussion around the power we have to change our brain and promote higher levels of emotional regulation (the ability to have space in our minds which impacts everything we do) 

  • Discussion around the importance of emotional regulation to maintain a balanced and healthy life & be open to full potential, creativity and joy

  • How to make time for yourself and how this is a part of mental health care

  • Teaching & practicing a variety of explicit mindfulness strategies such as simple meditation, breath work, body scanning, mindful walking and eating 

  • Teaching & practicing a variety of explicit energetic strategies focused on body awareness and understanding energy

  • Option to bring mats and do some physical movement linked to breath


A couple of months ago, I went to a Mindfulness PD that was hands down the best training I have ever been to. Ever since that PD, I have been reading up on Mindfulness and incorporating these strategies into my classroom daily. I think that like most teachers, I am always worried about content, classroom management, and instructional activities while neglecting my mental health and well-being. Mindfulness helps keep a positive environment in the classroom and help strengthen our relationships with students. 
-CCSD teacher