Enhanced self awareness through mindfulness practices

can increase self-care which can, in turn,

positively affect the service (human service)

workers provide to their clients.

(McGarrigle & Walsh)

Mindfulness. It's not stress management, it's mental health support. 

First, let’s talk about stress.


Endocrinologist, Has Selye, characterizes stress as the “nonspecific response of the body to any demand for change.” Stress is neither inherently good nor bad. And our nervous systems are not able to determine between positive or negative stress. Various “stressors” or events such as fantastic news, a deadline at work, seeing your best friend, or driving in traffic cause hormonal, biological shifts in the nervous system on a daily basis. 


Burnout isn’t actually the reoccurring stressful events,

but the lack of coping mechanisms which causes

a pile up of negative responses or perceptions

to situations.


(Montgomery & Rupp 2005)


At Pathways for Presence, we believe in teaching a variety of pathways to help you get in tune with your own body, listen to your systems, and prime your brain with healthy neural pathways. By creating space for this mindful work, you get to know yourself, your triggers, and what strategies work for you to come back into equilibrium. Our corporate mindfulness workshops are geared toward helping you navigate the workplace setting, but the benefits go well beyond.


So, when your boss slaps that deadline down on you or you feel overwhelmed by expectations, you can return to yourself and your breath again and again to have the most efficient and healthy mind to move you through.  


According to an article referring to a large company who incorporated mindfulness for their employees, “Health care costs at the company — which total more than $90 million a year — are going down. In 2012, as the mindfulness programs ramped up, health care costs fell 7 percent. That’s $6.3 million going straight to the bottom line, partly thanks to mindfulness training.”

Cue… Mindfulness! 


Good news! This means that with a little time and practice, you can create pathways in your brain in order to stay present, cope with stress, and be the most whole version of yourself. 

Burnout syndrome entails states

in which individuals feel emotionally “spent” (emotional exhaustion), display a detached attitude toward others (depersonalization),

and experience a low sense of efficacy

at work (diminished personal accomplishment).


(Maslach & Jackson)


There can be many signals from your body to let you know you are experiencing repeated stress or (eventually) burnout. You might not even realize that you’re experiencing stress or burnout syndrome.


First, knowledge is power. Second, you must be consciously tuned in to your awarenesses in order to catch the clues. Everything from poor digestion to sleepless nights to chronic pain could be a sign that your body is experiencing repeated stress. Considering space and support for healthy coping pathways could be extremely beneficial. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Basic Corporate Mindfulness Workshop

(1 hour)

  • Basics around the brain & mindfulness

  • Explicit strategies (taught and practiced) to create mindful pathways and better cope with stress in the workplace 

  • Shared resources for continued independent work 

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Brain & Breath

Calm Through


Intermediate Corporate Mindfulness Workshop

(3 hour)

  • Deepened content and training around the brain, stress & mindfulness

  • More time for  strategies (taught and practiced) to create mindful pathways and better cope with stress over a period of weeks

  • Assignments for self-inquiry and independent practice between sessions

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Touching on


Focused Corporate Mindfulness Workshop

(6 or 10 hour)


  • Deepened content and learning around the brain & mindfulness & trauma

  • Overview of current neuroscience research and how stress & trauma impacts the brain

  • How to be sensitive to first and secondhand trauma within your own practice

  • Click here to learn more

Pathways for

Yearlong Corporate Mindfulness Workshop

(10-15 hour)

  • Highest depth of content and learning around the brain & mindfulness & trauma

  • Extensive, explicit research & strategies (taught, explained and practiced) to create mindful pathways over a period of several months

  • Option to meet individually with Hanna via Zoom

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